About us

In 1994 we bought the restaurant and the two houses belonging to it, in which you can find a hotel, gym and Shotty construction company nowadays. That time my husband was 23 years old and he, head first and full of youth, enthusiastically started the adventure called Kocanda. Those days everyone in Decin knew this long ago bankrupted restaurant as Hovadinec (meaning a messy place in the Czech language). Its appearance and services offered completely matched its name. We really wanted to improve and continue in more than a century-old tradition this restaurant had, but unfortunately there was nothing to build on. We bought just ruins. At this time I was working in a Bavarian family-run hotel in Munich, where I learned a lot about this industry. After I had arrived back to the Czech Republic I started to work in Kocanda. It was not easy at the beginning. And when the things started to go the right direction finally, the flood came. It was a big despair. Everything we had done was destroyed by water.

Nevertheless we put boots on, took buckets and started again. We did not want to give up. We managed to save the restaurant. Moreover we gradually got rid of its unpleasant old name and raised the awareness of the new one – KOCANDA, which means a darling in the old Czech language. This name exactly characterizes our attitude towards work and our guests.

We do our best to make our guests find everything they are looking for. Our chefs, along with us, regularly attend culinary trainings. Thanks to that we are able to follow the new trends. Every year we invest in the new kitchen equipment.

Even the service staff is trained regularly. We perceive the work with our staff as one of the most important and also the most difficult tasks for the future.

We really enjoy building Kocanda further. In 2012 we finally fulfilled our dream and built a beautiful three star hotel above the restaurant.

In the end of the summer 2012 we opened a newly built children’s playground with a lot of climbing frames, located in a magical greenery, right next to the hotel and restaurant. Here we prepared a large sandpit, climbing frames, slides, cableways, climbing wall, and many other attractions for children.

As we are big sports fans, we hope that by the end of 2014, we will manage to finish the multipurpose sports court for soccer, inline hockey, tennis, footballtennis and volleyball.

We are pleased that our dreams gradually fulfil and KOCANDA becomes a magical place with a wonderful atmosphere, where people feel comfortable a happy to come back.