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Article in The Děčín Princip journal from March 21, 2013

When you write the word "kocanda" into the computer search engine, you will see that the most frequently this word was used for "a pub on the outskirts of a village". But apparently it meant "a pet" or "a darling" as well... Whatever it was in the history, we have one Kocanda in Děčín. The beautiful restaurant in the Old Town. About its origins, offers and plans, both those already done and the future ones, I spoke with the co-owner of the restuarant Eva Šotková.

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Article in The Děčín Princip journal from February 21, 2013

Děčín has a brand new, three star hotel. Where? Above the Kocanda restaurant located in the Old town. In the hotel you can find not only standard rooms but also one superior room with a corner bath and infrasauna suitable as a bridel suite. The original part of this hotel is an antiallergic room. All the rooms are furniished with a stylish bathroom, healthy mattresses, plasma TV and free wifi.

Kocanda also offers a training room for 25 people with a large plasma TV ready to be used for presentations. More information you will find in the interview with the owner of the hotel Eva Šotková which is scheduled for March and will be published in the Děčín Princip journal number 11.