Hotel and restaurant Kocanda are situated in a beautiful and quiet place full of greenery, just a few steps from the river Elbe and directly next to the new built playground for children and the multipurpose sports court. The view from the hotel and the terrace is lovely. You can see the dominant of Děčín - castle or the Pastoral wall where you can go for a nice walk through the zoo.

You can easily get here using the Elbe cycle path which goes directly past our hotel. When you go along it you can quickly get to to the center of Děčín or to the castle. It takes just a few minutes.

The cycle path fluently follows the path towards Saxony along the Elbe river. This fabulous trip on bikes offers a lot of experience. You can see the steamboat river cruises or a number of climbers on the rocks above the river in the direction to the town Hřesko. In Hřensko it is possible to use a ferry and find other beautiful places of Elbe Sandstones and Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National parks, which are famous for rock cities and castles.

You can spend a pleasant day in the "Venice of the river Elbe". The neighbouring city Dresden is really close.

We believe that you will love this unique northern part of the Czech republic and will come back again.

50 m from our hotel and restaurant

  • Cycle path
  • Large children's playground
  • Multipurpose sports court
  • Heated gym with shower

500 m from our hotel and restaurant

  • Swimming pool, sauna, fitness
  • Big football pitch
  • Ice hockey stadium
  • Tennis court
  • Shopping centre

Culture organizations and sights

  • The castle of Děčín
  • Judaic synagogue
  • Thun chapel of St. Jan Nepomucky
  • Evangelic church
  • Church of St. Cross Rose garden