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Spa rules of use

Entrance to the spa area is permitted only upon payment of entry at the spa reception and its use is subject to the following conditions.

Children 12 years and under may enter the spa only when accompanied by a person 18 years or older.

Entry is forbidden for:

Every visitor must maintain personal hygiene and maintain the cleanliness of all places and equipment in the spa and take into consideration the safety of themselves and others in their actions.

Before entering the spa, every visitor must wash themselves with soap and thoroughly shower without a swimsuit; the same applies after use of the toilet.

Entry to the spa is at your own risk.

The spa operator reserves the right to refuse entry or to expel any person without exception who does not respect the rules of use or staff instructions or whose behavior is judged by a member of the spa staff as unsuitable. No person under the influence of alcohol or other drugs shall be allowed entry to the spa area; every such person will be expelled from the area without refund.

Any person who notices in the area or equipment of the spa a defect that could endanger user safety or cause property damage, is obligated to report such defect to staff at the reception desk.

In case of injury to any person, anyone who observes such an injury is obligated to inform a staff member. The spa operator is not responsible for damage caused to property or visitor health in cases where such is caused by irresponsible behavior of such persons or is their own doing.

It is not permitted to carry into the spa area any alcohol, drugs, narcotics, or psychotropic substances, glass or glass objects, or other dangerous items that could cause damage to health or spa property. Spa staff has the right to decide about the danger of any items.

Smoking is forbidden in the spa area, as is consumption of food and drink not purchased in the spa area.

Visitors to the spa area must turn over any items found therein to spa staff.

The spa operator does not accept any responsibility for damage to health or property caused by the visitor, even if unintentional.

The spa operator does not accept any responsibility for loss of property or its theft by other parties with the exception of those items accepted by the spa operator for stowage at the reception desk.

Compensation for damages caused by the visitor shall be pursued in accordance with applicable Czech law.

Responsible representative:

Martin Sotka, Executive Director


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